Hello and thanks for logging on to our site. I would like to tell you something about us:

I am married to Wendy who doubles well as "photographer and assistant". Wendy too is passionate about photography and has a great eye for a shot and manages the business side very effectively, as well as assisting at shoots. We have two great sons Grant and Craig, and lovely daughter in-laws Laura and Shelley two brilliant grandsons Lewis and Brodie, and a beautiful granddaughter Zoe. We love them all of course!

Our amazing Grandchildren
Wendy and I very much enjoy foreign travel and have now travelled widely to such places as Japan, Tanzania, Kenya, Norway, China, Iceland, India, USA, Canada, Ireland and a few more. We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to do this and to see many cultures and meet such interesting people on our travels and indeed to photograph many places and people.

Together in Norway
Wendy on our ice covered cruiser in Norway
I am a keen modest runner and triathlete as indeed Wendy is a walker, flower/garden lover, table tennis player and amazing wife too!

Life long enthusiasm for photography I have a passion for all genres including my more leading genre at present of people photography. This provides my biggest "buzz" capturing that moment of human expression and action that will live forever. Meeting our models and subjects is a great pleasure as well as seeing their reaction to the results of our work.

I have been seriously doing photography since I was ten years old at school. I very soon became the president of our school photography club. I remember being amazed when I saw for the first time a black and white image appearing on paper in the developer dish. This was truly magic to me and I was smitten with the photography bug from that day. Thinking back to the equipment I was using is truly a reflection of where photography has and is advancing today technically with the digital age. My very first camera was a "box brownie", wow how that compares with my current Canon EOS 5d EOS 50d DSLR's and Fuji X-T2 mirrorless. In saying that to me the principles of photography are really just the same today thinking of composition, light, speed, and aperture. But what really is the same for me today is the passion I have and pleasure I get from photography. The drive I have to seek the "perfect" shot is very much in evidence, though I truly know I will never capture it as I seek to constantly improve my standards.

We look forward to hearing from and meeting all of you, even if you only want advice and opinion on all things regarding photography. Hopefully we will see you soon!

Greg completes his second half marathon in aid of the RNLI

Greg & Wendy in Gran Canaria

Greg open water swimming
Wendy ready for the "Race for Life" in aid of Cancer Relief
Wendy's Award

Greg & Wendy